Come worship God with an authentic church every Sunday morning with worship services beginning at 11 AM. 

* Visit church or Click on the Facebook or YouTube icon to join our Sunday service .

The class starts at 6 pm every Wednesday. For more information, contact the church to receive an official ZOOM invitation.

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Steve the Pastor

Pastor Steve is on Live, every Tuesday and Thursday at 8AM.

Children Sermon

- What is your gift and how do you

   want to use it?

Would you like to join our children's program? 

Contact Yuna Huchison to be on the list for this fun program :)


Anyone anywhere is welcome to participate.

  • Focuses on a study of the Bible (usually a particular book, mostly New Testament but not always), and what it teaches us about following Christ in today’s world.

  • Discussion-focused with questions encouraged​

  • Currently, around 15-20 participate each Sunday who live in four different states.

  • The class starts each Sunday at 10:00 am and ends at 10:50 am, but members usually log in around 9:40 am to visit and share praises and prayer concerns.

  • The teacher is a recently retired professor from the University of Arkansas and a long-time Sunday School Teacher.

  • For more information, contact the church to receive an official ZOOM invitation from the teacher.


We want to give them the resources to connect with God personally through loving our neighbors, growing in our church, and studying God's revelation together.


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