Midweek Mosaic begins this Wednesday!

It’s time to gather again for Midweek Mosaic, both in-person and on-line!  We will begin an 8-session study “Seeing Through the Eyes of Jesus” this Wednesday, October 5th, 6:00-7:30p in our Fellowship Hall.
“Seeing Through the Eyes of Jesus” is an 8-session opportunity to see the world as Jesus himself saw it.  Written by Good Faith Media and the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship, “Seeing Through the Eyes of Jesus” will be a terrific way to refocus your faith on what is truly significant.
Seeing Through the Eyes of Jesus calls us back to the central focus of our Christian faith, the Risen and Living Jesus! This new resource invites congregations into deeper faithfulness with each other, equips congregations to offer a bold and positive witness to the risen Jesus and transforms us individually and corporately while we co-labor with God to transform the world.”  This study will be an important part of our church-wide discernment process this fall.
The sessions include:
  • Missing Jesus
  • Jesus is Lord
  • Really Seeing
  • The Danger of Distractions
  • A Community to Check our Vision
  • Seeing Jesus: Claiming Jesus’ Mission
  • Seeing Jesus: Transforming Me
  • Seeing Jesus: Transforming Congregations
We will gather in Worthley Hall at 6p – bring your own supper!  We will discuss future meal plans.