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In 2006, Steve Sheely was approached by the Northwest Arkansas Democrat-Gazette and asked to write a column as part of their FaithMatters series.  80 columns later, Steve is still writing these columns.

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God’s original Holy Land

Yes.  It was harder than I thought it would be. Immediately after worship service on Sunday, March 19th I hurried into my office and changed clothes. My wife drove me...

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A Subversive Christmas

Sometimes scripture passages become too familiar... Candy canes. Angelic music. Will Ferrell in yellow tights. Christmas is a magical time. Many of us celebrate this...

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Is God surveilling us too? I have received one traffic violation in my 17 years in Arkansas. One evening near Subiaco I was pulled over for speeding. I deserved my...

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Patriotic communities

For some reason "well-ordered" has been left out of the conversation. Oxford, Uvalde and Chicago shock us. I have facilitated a support group for grieving parents for...

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