At the moment, we are still meeting online each Wednesday night at 6:30 for Midweek Mosaic.  Midweek Mosaic is a meal together, prayer for one another and a discussion-based Bible study.  Internet technology has allowed us to continue these meetings (but without the meal!)

In the early part of 2021 our Midweek Mosaic study was “The Early Church in 3-D” as we compared the stories in the book of Acts with what we could glean from the epistles sent to those same churches.  It was a lot of fun and shed great insight on these amazing documents.

If you would like to sample one of these Zoom sessions of “The Early Church in 3-D” from April 21, 2021 you can click here and then enter this passcode:  06t2RM&E

And if you would like to join our conversation at Midweek Mosaic just send us a message at to get the Zoom information!