A temporary cross-centered prayer path was designed on the lawn in front of the church before the Worldwide Candlelight Service. It is a tangible way to remember loved ones we have lost. Many lights were in place to provide light. After the service parents were able to write their child’s name on a small bamboo sign and place it with more lights on the path.

Patty Severino had suggested months ago that we make a meditative place on our grounds for our losses during 2020 and 2021, when we did not have our traditional memorial services. Small plaques to be placed with lights have been made for Peggy Wilkins, Earl Eddins, JP Bell, Lawanda Waltman, and Jean Vaughn.

More small bamboo plaques will be available if you would like to designate lights for someone. The lights will be on December 18 -19 and December 24-25.